Garage Door Sensor Repair in San Juan Capistrano

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The garage door detector plays a safety measure features to the garage door set up. Now it used in every new garage door set up. This photoelectric sensor mounted about 6-6.5 feet from the ground level, sensor plays an important job of making sure that the garage door doesn’t close accidentally over the vehicle, user and pets. To test if your sensor is working fine put a roll of paper towel in front of the sensor and if your garage door does not stop before it crashes over the towel then it’s time to call professional technicians to fix it. We have a team of expert skilled technician in your area San Juan Capistrano. You just need to call us at +1(866) 423 3388 or you can put your query through the contact form of our website at and we’ll be happy to send over one of our garage door experts to assess and replace your garage door sensor. 

The garage door sensors can get out of alignment which can cause the door to not stop even when something comes in the way. The electrical problems can cause your garage door to stop in the mid-process. It is a major safety concern, because of the risk involved. So in this situation call professionals to look at it as soon as possible.

How we troubleshoot sensor problems

We send our skilled and experienced technicians to the client location, who thoroughly investigate garage door sensor and infrared beam, They also check the wiring for any issue. As the result, if they come to a point if the sensor needs to replace then replace the sensor and make sure after servicing garage door open and closed correctly after service. Our troubleshooting process finds the source of the detector malfunction. In some cases, the problem is merely damage to the photoelectric eye in the form of humidity. In other cases, the issue stems from just minor obstructions that don’t let the sensor function smoothly. If you have any problem related to the sensor issue the schedule an appointment on our online form at +1(866) 423 3388 today.