Garage Door Seal Replacement in Aliso Viejo

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Now we are talking about the most under-rated component used in any of the garage door systems. We are talking about the door seal, it is a thin strip of rubber that runs along the edges and bottom of the garage door. It is also known as weather stripping. The main role of the door seal is to keep out the dust and insects, other pests out of your garage and act as a protective barrier. It is not much noticeable part of any garage door as some of the other parts like cables, drum and spring, but it needs to be checked and replaced with time.

To help you ensure that your garage is ready for winter, we have made a list of things to look out for that will help you determine when it’s time to replace your garage door seal. 

How to check your garage door seal, if it needs to replace or not. 

  • We recommend our all customers check their garage door weathers stripping at least twice a year. Start by closing the garage door and working the garage door bottom seal up, checking for any signs of wear as you go along, check for any tears, cracks, holes or warped section. Even a small hole or crack can let the insects, dust and air inside the garage door, so don’t take anything easy. 
  • Second, use your hand along the edges, or you can use a piece of paper around the edges of the garage door and check it closely. Any air passing through your weatherstripping is a clear sign it’s worn out and should be replaced. 
  • To check any leak, you guys can splash water from the outside of the garage door and now check from the inside if water drops come in through the seal cracks. Leaks mean that your garage door seal isn’t doing its job and should be replaced to avoid any unexpected flooding during a winter storm.
  • Another way to check the seal cracks is by light beam through your garage door seal. You can use the normal torch for this. But this method works best in the dark and during the day time, it is hard to use this method. If light crosses the garage door through seal then it means that your garage door seal is damaged and needs replacement. 

Thankfully, changing a seal is a relatively easy and inexpensive job. However, it’s still one that should be carried out by a professional. A badly installed garage door seal can cause a heap of issues down the line, which could even lead to safety hazards in extreme cases. Call us at +1(866) 423 3388 or you can also visit our website  and we’ll be happy to send over one of our garage door experts to assess and replace your garage door weatherstripping.