Sensor Replacement

Garage Door Sensor Repair in San Juan Capistrano

The garage door detector plays a safety measure features to the garage door set up. Now it used in every new garage door set up. This photoelectric sensor mounted about 6-6.5 feet from the ground level, sensor plays an important job of making sure that the garage door doesn’t close accidentally over the vehicle

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Garage Door Sensor Replacement in Carson

If you have an automatic garage door opener you probably also have garage door sensors. Garage door sensors are designed to prevent the door from closing on anything that might happen under the door. This protects your family, pets, bikes and even your car. These sensors also protect the door, which can be damaged if it closes on top of something. When the sensors are not working properly, it can be a very serious problem. If your garage door sensors in Carson and you need repair or replacement, Call 3RRR at (866) 423 3388. We are experts and determining what’s happening to your garage door sensors and resolving the problems.

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