Garage Door Spring Repair in Newport Beach

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Are you having a problem in opening and closing your garage door in Newport Beach? If yes, then surely there would be a problem with your garage door springs. For the spring problem, you would need a team of professionally trained technicians. Because the springs have very high tension and if you try to adjust them by own then you may cause serious injury. These springs use to lift the entire weight of your garage door and If you ignore this problem then your garage door system can be damage.

The life of any garage door springs can be in between 7-10 years and it also depends on many other factors like daily usage of the garage door. When your springs got damaged then the spring no longer hold the garage door and it can affect more if you don’t call a professional team to fix this issue. There are two types of garage door spring systems. Torsion spring and Extension spring systems. A torsion spring is used in the middle and top of the garage door and whereas an extension spring is used on each side of the door. Some garage door systems have two torsion springs and when they change then due to this garage door can be misaligned and not replacing both springs can cause the breakage of the second spring after a short period. 

Replacing garage door springs is not an easy job and if you try own to fix this then there are chances that you will do it not accurately and can get any serious injury. In this case, you can call us at  +1(866) 423 3388 or you can put your query through the contact form of our website at then we will send our skilled technicians to your place and will analyze the problem, our team comes with many types of the springs. Each one has a different cost. 

Replacing garage door springs is one of the most common garage door repairs. We keep all kind of garage door systems parts in our stock and our technician many types of springs and each one is matched precisely for each garage door. When in need of replacing your garage door springs, our technicians need to measure the spring on-site to give you the exact cost. Since there are so many different types of springs we cannot give you an exact estimate over the phone. While fixing your garage door springs, our technicians also check the other parts of the garage door systems and if they find any problem then they asked about that to the customer and If the customer say then they change those parts too. 

At 3RRR, we know how frustrating a damaged garage door can be. We provide fast service all the time in your Newport Beach city on just your one call. We serve in many cities and to find this you can visit our website at