Garage Door Cables Repair in Laguna Hills

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The garage door cables are a very important part of a garage door system. It helps the garage door to work smoothly. The cables are used in the Torsion spring system and you can see the cables attached with brackets on each side of the garage door on one side and the other side to the drum above the door. When we open the garage door then these cables wind on the drums and in the extension spring system these spring cables work with pulley. 

If anyhow your garage door break then it will not let your garage door work smoothly, If you ignore this scenario then it can cause further damage to your garage door system and you have to invest heavy money to get this all fixed. So don’t wait, just call us  +1(866) 423 3388 or you can put your query through the contact form of our website at We provide same-day service and we work 24X7 in your Laguna Hills city. While fixing your garage door cables, our technicians also check the other parts of the garage door systems and if they find any problem then they asked about that to the customer and If the customer say then they change those parts too. 

There are two types of garage door cables mostly people use in their garage door systems. The first ones play a role to give power to springs for lifting the door and another is safety cables, which are used to prevent an accident with the springs. 

How you will get to know that your garage door cables are needed replacement.

There are many things which give you a sign that your garage door cables need to be replaced. likes

  1. Sometimes garage door struggles to open and when you check then you see both motor and spring or springs are fine but still, your garage has a problem somewhere then that’s mean there is a problem in any of the spring or cables are broken then you just need to call us at +1(866) 423 3388 and we will send our best technicians at your service.
  2. The second sign is cables hanging loose. If you check, it will look like a wire hanging loosely beside the door it’s likely the remains of the lifting cable that has snapped. These cables can become extremely frayed before breaking. 

The best way to avoid this problem to schedule a regular check-up of your garage door or you can check by yourself every month and if you need help then call professionals to fix it.