Garage Door Spring Repair in San Clemente

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It is very tough and dangerous to change or break the garage door spring by yourself and you can get a serious injury in this. But it can be much safer and easy if you live in an area nearby the San Clemente and call us. We can help you with our experience and skilled technicians. You can book our services either by calling us at +1(866) 423 3388 or you can visit our website On our website, you can also book us for your other garage door related services. 

Every Garage door can have different springs based on the brands you choose at the time of installation. Here at 3RRR, we have the expertise to work on the following 3 types of garage door springs.

1. Tension Spring:- This kind of spring normally use in roll-up garage door type setup to lift the weight with a manual or automatic opener to open the garage door. Some companies claim that the life of tension springs can be between 7-10 years, but it also depends upon how many times you open your garage in your daily routine. In some garage, we use one or two springs to balance out the weight. The second spring always helps to keep your garage door upright even if somehow your first spring breaks. So we recommend to all our customer to use two tension springs in their garage doors. 

2.  Extension Spring:– This kind of springs normally use in one-piece garage doors to lift the garage doors. This kind of garage doors needs one extension spring on each side of the door. Some companies claim that the life of extension spring varies between 10-12 years and as usual its also depend upon how many times you open your garage in your daily routine.

3. Torque Master:- When you shift to a new home then there are chances that your garage can have a Torque Master spring system to lift your roll-up garage doors. This system work with one or two springs inside the shaft which usually can last for almost 5-10 years. But we can convert your garage door to a traditional and most common torsion spring system to make it more long-lasting. 

3RR expertise in broken spring installation, repair and replacement in San Clemente. All springs are under extreme tension every day and they need replacing and maintenance with time. When you try your self to fix your garage door then you always need 3 common things, which are correct tools, experience and time and here we have all of these things in our company 3RRR. We have the knowledge and experience to replace any kind of spring within an hour. When you book us then come with all different kinds of springs and needed workforce to replace any kind of broken spring. On the job site, we offer a complete service that includes lubricating your garage doors. So just give us a call and our experts will guide you best in your garage door problems.